Wednesday, March 14, 2007

PPI - Stakeholder Survey Template

Ok.. here is a model of a template I'm contemplating as part of the Project Performance Index toolbox. This template is a survey for assessing stakeholder engagement. It is one method for testing the business performance component. The survey has 8 categories:

- Risks
- External Dependencies
- Sustainment
- Resource Management
- Strategic Alignment
- Documented Procedures
- People, Process, & Systems Alignment
- Short Interval Control

Each category has one question, posed in the form of a statement. For example, the question for assessing stakeholder engagement for Risks reads:

"I am comfortable that management manages the main risks and issues on the project."

and the 5 possible responses are:
Always, Frequently, Infrequently, Never, and Not Applicable

This design is repeated for each question in the 8 categories.

Here is another example, the question for People, Process, & Systems Alignment reads:

"Training is aligned to address gaps with technical, customer, and process requirements."

Now I don't propose that these questions are very deep or complicated. And that is by design. The intent is to encourage your participants to complete the survey. If you make it too complicated then it will require more effort from them. The end result will be that you trade off quantity versus quality. In my opinion, your going to interpret the results anyways, so why not put the effort back on your shoulders. Remember in an earlier post I suggest that you try things on yourself before engaging others.. well allocating the effort onto you is a spin off from that advice.

Please feel free to forward suggestions on other simple questions to use.


czacademy said...

I would love to see this survey. I am alway struggling with putting these together.

Angelina said...

The article is really the sweetest on this worthy topic. I will eagerly look forward to your coming updates.
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john wood said...
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